Since 2016, a team passionate about biketouring is developping a complete range of products dedicated to biketouring. Our designing process is unique by its duration. We offered ourselves four years to be able to provide to travelers the best gear they deserve. In our team, we are all travelers by bike so we put all our energy to design the ideal touring bike and panniers. Each time we receive new prototypes, we test them in real conditions in Spain, France, Germany, the USA or Oman !  

2017 – L’équipe Riverside en mission test à Oman

Yet, it is not in an office you can design a good touring bike ! Since the beginning we have surrounded our team by travelers in order to test our bikes on the long run. Today, our prototypes have ridden more than 200 000 kilometers around the planet. They experienced the Sahara, Tibet, the Pamir, the Alps, the Andes and a lot more. Well, they are not yet on sale but they already are great travelers !

2017 – Giving the first prototypes to Colybride team

prototype riverside desrustinesetdesailes

2018 – Prototypes in the Pamir

2019 – Prototypes in Asia with Bike to Act

In june, we will receive a new fleet of prototypes. They will be the last ones before the bikes go on sale. That is the reason why we need you. Our bikes need to ride again and again. Together, we want to design the most durable bike on the market. Tell us more about your project to get a chance to ride the bike !